Friday, 22 May 2015

YouTube TV

Do you want to watch TV on YouTube? 
Here is the best way to watch YouTube on your PC / Laptop

A couple weeks ago my friend ask me this question ... at first I thought What is the difference in YouTube the way I have been watching it for the last years and watching it on TV.  So I said "Yes, I wanna. "
WOW,  what a great way to watch YouTube, it is so much easier to search and once I find a topic I love or a channel I wanna learn from it is easy peasy to follow.  

Our question to you is :      Do you wanna watch TV on YouTube?  If you are thinking sure I will check it out .... HERE is the Link : ( Please bookmark our blog post so you can find the link and training to share with your friends )
Once you click on the link this window will open              

On the left sidebar you will find the HOME page and you can login to your account there ... OR ... you can just begin to search in the search bar at the top.  The arrow keys on your keyboard will navigate you right and left,  the scroll wheel on your mouse will move you up and down as well .. OR you can use the arrow / directional keys as well to navigate with .. When you have found the channel you would like to watch hit the "enter" button on your keyboard.    For example  you will see I searched Waldorf dolls 

  In the next image you will see in the bottom right corner more navigation help...  Clicking on more (with your mouse) will take you back to more videos on this same channel.  Clicking  "Go Back" will take you back to the home page of your beginning search ..

If you get lost or confused when you begin,  simply click on the search and start again, very soon you will be searching and watching YouTube like never before .. 

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

9 Ways to make money on your Facebook Fan Page

Making Money with your Facebook Fan Page 

Here are a few easy peasy steps that will get your business started in the right direction .. 
1.  Create an appealing Facebook profile....  (Choose a clean and informative cover photo.)
2.  Post publicly on Facebook ...  on every post you write make sure that it is visible publicly, when it shows up on your friends / followers news feed then all of their friends can see it also 
3.  Use Facebook Messenger on your phone ... You will receive immediate notifications when a customer is trying to contact you ..
4.  Send Messages based on past conversations and what you know about your customer / friend ... while chatting with them talk about their pets or any current events they may have going on ... Make it personal so they will know you care about them . 
5.  Keep the conversation going ...  Always ask them to give you a return message if they have a problem or a concern about how  the transaction is going .. 
6.  Stay in Touch ...  Keep track of your customers ... send a "Have a great day" message once in a while .
7.   Growing your Friend base will grow your income 
8.  Create a Facebook Group ... this will give your friends / customers a place they can get together and talk with you and each other about your products and what is working as well as what needs to be worked on. 
9,   Study your Facebook Analytics on a regular basis ... These will give you great feedback on what is working on your page and how often to post and what your customers like the most .. 
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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Facebook "BUY BUTTON"


Earlier this year, both Twitter and Facebook began beta-testing "buy buttons", which appear alongside certain tweets and posts and allows users to make purchases with just a click or two, without ever leaving the network. Expect e-commerce and social media integrations to deepen in 2015. In fact, it’s a little surprising it’s taken so long.
For starters, this approach eliminates one key dilemma all merchants face – how to get customers in the door (or to your website). On Facebook and Twitter, you already have an audience, happily chatting with friends, browsing the latest trends, sharing photos and videos, etc. Once their payment details are on file, purchases are a tap or two away. Then it’s back to cat GIFs and updates on weekend plans.
In addition, since Facebook and especially Twitter are real-time media, they’re perfect for short-term deals tied in with fleeting trends. With time-sensitive offers literally streaming by, consumers may well be inclined to act quickly and seal the deal  forgoing the obsessive comparison shopping that characterizes lots of Internet transactions.
Finally, there are major benefits to advertisers. Connecting individual Tweets and Facebook posts with actual purchases has thus far proved a huge analytical challenge. But with the advent of buy buttons, concrete revenue figures can be attached to specific social media messages in a way that hasn’t been possible until now.
Shopifycom  has already provided online stores that can be easily linked to you already established Facebook Fan Page ... Thereby utilizing your hard gained traffic and followers you have now ..  Here is an example of the fan page store 

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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Security on Social Network Sites

Be safe .... Take the few extra minutes to protect yourself on your social media sites ....
These simple steps will go along way to giving you the extra protection you need while you spend time visiting and playing with your friends online ...

Protect your account login ...
Your password is critical in protecting your account login .. Change it often and if the social site offers the "two-step" login, seriously consider setting it up and using it ... We know it takes a little bit longer to "sign into" your accounts, however, it will save alot of time in the long run from your account being accessed by someone else. 
Be careful About What You Post On line
You maybe so excited about that next vacation  you are planning and want to share with all your friends your plans and where you are headed .... Think twice before you post your plans to be away from home on your social sites ...  This could easily be turned into free information for thieves to pay your home a visit while you are away on holiday.
Instead ... send private messages or emails and then when you return home ... Share all your wonderful photos and experiences with your family and friends ...

Remember our motto Sharing Is Caring ...

How to Deal with Cyberbullies:
Many of us have seen them .... Heard of them and some of us have actually fallen victim to them ...
Our best advice is KEEP RECORDS of every attack .. DO NOT INTERACT with them ... Cyberbullying is against the law.  All social media sites take a stand against it ... Report them to the site ie.  Facebook, Twitter, G+ etc. will stop and even revoke accounts of people that are reported and found to be practicing Cyberbullying ...
Visit the Cyberbullying Research Center for more detailed advice.
Keep your Computer Protected
Periodically check your anti-virus program and keep it  up-to-date and running at all times ...
Watch Out For Scams
We all know about the typical email scams .... that tell us ... Congratulations .. You have won Millions of dollars just send me your information so I can ship it to you ... WE know to never send any personal information to anyone we do not know ...
However, now on social media sites there are new seemingly harmless questionnaires,  for example:
" My Wizard Name Is: _____"  What is your Wizard name?"  Fill out this easy questionnaire and find out ...
This seems simple and safe enough ... In reality once your have completed, the people that have created the questionnaire now have information about you and will be using that information .. For their gain ...
Being aware and keeping your eyes open and using a bit of common sense will go along way to making your social media experience fun and safe as well ...

Friday, 21 November 2014


Twitter Rolls Out Great New Feature 

Great new way to share with your friends on Twitter ... New and Private as well ... With this new feature  it is possible to share tweets privately with others  in direct messages ....  What a great way to share a sensitive tweet with a loved one .... 

This great feature was announced on Good Morning America..    The Article presented is as follows : 

The social networking platform announced that private tweet sharing is now available to users, allowing them to flag a particular tweet they wish to share with a friend via direct message.
Take it for a spin on the Twitter iOS and Android apps by long pressing a tweet in your timeline that you'd like to send to a friend. Then choose "Share via Direct Message."
The functionality also works on the Twitter website and TweetDeck. Tap the "..." icon and then choose "Share via Direct Message."
The recipient will get a push alert and the tweet will be integrated into the existing private conversation.
Here is the  link to see this original article.  
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